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Our Curriculum


Montessori Math

We follow a hands-on Montessori approach for Math, that allows children to apply complex concepts to daily life.


Montessori English

Through Montessori English, we hone crucial communication and language skills for education and self-expression.


Mother Tongue

We are currently offering Chinese, Hindi, and Tamil as Mother Tongue languages.


Science & Culture

Science & Culture consists of Botany, Zoology, Practical Science Experiments, Geography and History. These subjects allow children to develop a keen interest about the world in which they live.



Dr. Montessori believed that a child sees through their hands. Our Sensorial curriculum is designed to enage all senses of the child, not just hearing and sight. 


Practical Life

Children are innately preparing to be adults. Our goal is to raise children with strong foundation skills and work habits that will one day enable them to be responsible for themselves, their homes, families and communities.

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